Web Mapping Application Development and Field Data Collection

CarVaTech USA provided geospatial consulting and support to private business for assistance with field data collection and real-time web map reporting to their clients.  CarVaTech USA used ESRI technology including ArcMap, ArcGIS Online and Collector for ArcGIS.  Maps were authored in ArcMap with desired layers and data.  The maps were uploaded into ArcGIS Online for the client to view.  Technicians and field crew members were equipped with various devices that had Collector for ArcGIS installed on them.  The field crew could collect field data even though they did not have a data or cell connection at times. All data were uploaded into ArcGIS Online maps for review, modifications and analysis.  The final product consisted of a secure online map with appropriate layers displaying the client project site and analyzed field data.  Permissions were established to allow varying roles to individual users.


Web Map & Field Monitoring Solution

In support of land conservation, a nonprofit organization The Ever Green Team (EGT) holds deed restrictions and co-holds Conservation Easements in Southern VA.  EGT is required to monitor these properties for compliance and conduct periodic on-site surveys.  EGT is made-up of a board of volunteers and documentation, file organization and standard operating procedures is critical to their success.  CarVaTech built EGT a secure interactive web map that displays all the property boundaries that they are monitoring.  Each property can be queried or selected to bring up additional data about the property such as the current owner POC, acres, last surveyed, structure information, link to property pictures and driving instructions to the property.  The online map is also used for site inspection when the yearly monitoring survey is conducted.  The inspection surveyor can see where they are in relation to the property boundary, pull-up previous data and record new data and notes.  All data are securely stored in the cloud and can be accessed via any browser and internet connection.


Air Quality Mapping and Analysis

CarVaTech USA produced cartographic category colored maps from phone survey data for an Air Quality Awareness & Attitude Research project.  Telephone survey answers were recorded into a database where CarVaTech sorted and filtered data, based on response zip codes.  Further analysis included calculating air quality response percentages by zip code, joining relational survey data to geospatial feature data and symbolizing map data based on survey result categories.  Authored maps displayed zip code areas or polygons with high concentrations of survey responders indicating air quality issues. 


Drone Mapping, Photogrammetry, Lidar and Data Services

We provide assitance to survey collection programs or projects that involve drone data collection to help create 3D surface models, Digital Elevation models (DEM) general spatial analysis, temporal analysis or building a GIS from the survey data as a deliveralbe. CarVaTech USA uses primarily ESRI ArcGIS software which is a common GIS platform for many governments.  We can help your organization build a GIS program or buld the deliverables you need from your survey data.  Examples include temporal analysis, emergancy response, disaster recovery, construction site elevations, beach or river erosion, flood plane mapping, traffic accident location details, forestry and farming operations, wind turbine locations and monitoring and many more.


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